miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2012

Observe Dogs

Dogs, dogs, dogs.
They  are one of the best gift given by God, they are the best friends, they express their feeling naturally, observe them and feel the relief. Alma V.
See the videos
But not only has to be like a show
(see the video)
How this not make you happy?
Source: Youtube

Smile every day

 Smile every day 
You can be smiling with your mouth and  with your eyes.
Do the best that have given to you and SMILE, feel the relief
Alma V

According to researchers the reason why smiling can help create a positive mood is because when you smile your brain registers this as a sign/signal of happiness. As a result, even if you’re feeling down in the dumps smiling really can lift your mood. One of the best times to start your smiling is in the morning. This is because as we all know the mornings can be tough and mornings also have a way of setting the tone for the rest of your day.
So upon waking smile for a little while. After lying for a few minutes after waking take a deep breath and smile big. Then relax all the muscles in your body – repeat. This may look goofy so if you sleep with a significant other you might want to tell them before you start doing this so they don’t think that you’re losing it.
So are you skeptical about this smiling therapy? Well according to Jane Plant, a chief scientific adviser to the British government, smiling is better than Prozac. Professor Plant exclaims that “smiling is a way of tricking your brain into thinking everything’s OK, even if it’s not.” In an article for the British publication the Guardian, Plant and company encourage people with mood disorders, like anxiety and depression, to focus more on life style changes then simply popping “happy pills.”



viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

Help to Others

Help to  others with your body, mind and heart……… Sweet Relief!

Help to others is a therapeutic for your mind , body and specially for your heart.....this theraphy provides soul relif.....you haven´t to spend many o go  far....practice that every day wathever you want.  
 Start with one week! and notice the change.
Alma V.

The therapeutic benefits of helping others have long been recognized by everyday people. This concept was first formalized in a highly cited and often reprinted article by Frank Riessman that appeared in 1965 in Social Work. Riessman defined the "helper therapy" principle on the basis of his observations of various self-help groups, where helping others is deemed absolutely essential to helping oneself. These are grassroots groups that nowadays involve tens of millions of Americans. As the saying goes, "if you help someone up the hill, you get closer yourself." Riessman observed that the act of helping another heals the helper more than the person helped. In the early 1970s, the "helper therapy" principle was noted in a few premier psychiatry journals as professional researchers found that helping others was beneficial in a variety of contexts, including among teens doing tutoring for younger children (Rogeness & Badner, 1973)

     Picture: http://www.successrockets.com/Blog-Professional-Personal-Development/bid/45756/Career-Building-Tip-Help-Others-Be-More-Successful

miércoles, 25 de julio de 2012

What is Sugar Soul?

What is Sugar Soul?

Is the sweet soul who share to others life experiences.
How it works?
This is a place where your soul can find , comment and
share life experiences that have been a relief and produced happiness.
Alma V.


miércoles, 18 de julio de 2012

Love Horses

Love Horses

Alma V.
To get a soul relief and happiness try to have a experience with horses.
You have to feel in this life how works being near from horses.
This amazing animal is symbol of nobility and strong. Alma V
The life experience is:   Equine Assisted Learning

For over 40 years, horses have been recognized and used extensively in Europe for their therapeutic value in helping people of all ages. Horses are responsive animals with awareness and sensitivity to their surroundings and people. Like people, each horse brings his own personality into a relationship, along with his own limitations and abilities. A person is accepted on that person's level of trust, confidence, awareness, and interpersonal skills. Therefore, a horse will often teach us what we need to learn to change to succeed in personal relationships. A horse builds a person's self-confidence and self-esteem as the relationship between horse and person deepens.
Horses give us immediate and honest feedback about ourselves by reading our verbal and non-verbal communication. They often "mirror" back to us our feelings of anxiety, sadness, happiness, trust and a variety of other feelings. Whether working on the ground with a horse, grooming him, or riding through a series of challenging exercises, the horse is constantly reading our emotions. There are many ways to relate to a horse. Tactile and touching - by grooming or giving him a massage; verbal - the way you talk to a horse can reveal how you relate to people; riding and ground work - leading the horse from the ground or in the saddle can reveal your sense of power or helplessness you feel in your world. As all this transpires, the licensed professional counselor is working with you side-by-side and helping you process feelings and offer insight.
Horses offer hope and encouragement. All ages of clients, whether they are having trouble with relationships, trouble with school, or trouble with life, see something with horses many have never experienced before - love and acceptance. Almost everyone walks away having learned lessons in hope, trust and respect that can be applied to everyday life and relationships. Horses are large and powerful, which creates an environment for a person to overcome fear and develop confidence. Accomplishing a task involving a horse provides a person with tools that he or she can take into the "real world" when challenged with other difficult situations in life

Walk in the Beach

Walk in the beach
Enjoy our nature gift!
Another relief to your soul………. Feel your soul walking without shoes in the beach. Alma V
Walking in nature can have many therapeutic benefits for the person walking. Walking promotes the health of the mind, the body and the spirit. Another term for walking in nature is Green Therapy.

John Muir once wrote " In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks"

Taking a walk in the beach to enjoy the scenery, the fresh air and the activity can help in calming and clearing the mind, managing stress and depression and improving one's overall health.

Other more focused techniques such as a walking meditation, walking a labyrinth or grief walking can be beneficial for the body and the spirit as a way to promote health and well-being.